How to Use Carb Cleaner on Lawn Mowers

If you use your lawn mower regularly, then it is possible that with the passage of time it’s carburetor would get covered with sludge or tiny bits of debris from the lawn. This ingrained dirt interferes or interrupts the device’s function of mixing air and fuel inside mower’s internal engine of combustion. So in order to clean the disruption for the smooth functioning of the mower you need to use the carb cleaner on the lawn mower.

There are specific methods and instructions on using the cleaner on lawn mower which obviously needs to be followed for effective cleaning without causing any issues. It is a good practice to clean your lawn mowers carburetors regularly as part of your maintenance because it helps in improving the efficiency of fuel and increasing the lifespan of the device.

What is Carb Cleaner Made of?

There are various resources and chemicals that are used in the manufacture of Carb cleaner products. Before you start spraying that spray for your engine it is important to understand the contents of the carb cleaner.

Acetone: It is usually used as a cleaning solvent. Its solvent properties make it a popular choice for industrial use.

Xylene: Xylene is a crystal chemical liquid that is derived from coal tar and petroleum. Xylene is used in solvents such as carburetor cleaners as well as the production of other chemical products such as varnishes and paints.

Toluene: As a solvent, it is used in gasoline used for aviation. Detergents, perfumes, medicines, and dyes are some of the products that also contain toluene.

Apart from this the carburetor cleaner also has Methyl Ethyl ketone (MEK), Ethylbenzene, 2-Butoxyethanol and propane as its contents.

Instructions on using the carb cleaner on lawn mowers

  1. First and foremost you must turn off the lawn mower so that the engine cools down before starting to clean the carburetor.
  2. Then you must remove the cover from the air filter which is on one of the sides of the carburetor with a screwdriver. Along with the air filter cover, you must also remove the exterior cover as well as the linkage so that you can get access to the carburetor’s inside.
  3. After this, you need to wait until the carburetor is dry before starting the engine. Then you must position the tip of the cleaner can towards the center of the carburetor and spray it into the running carburetor. Spraying while the carburetor is running helps the cleaner to penetrate the inside for cleaning the throat as well as the deposits that are present in the lower plate of the throttle.
  4. Then spray cleaner on choke shaft at the base of carburetors throat in order to remove any additional ingrained dirt after the engine has been shut.
  5. Finally, you must replace the linkage and carburetor cleaner, push the filter back in its place and screw the filter cover in its position. You would need a screwdriver to complete this process.

Now you will have a well functioning optimum lawn mower machine again. Apart from spray cleaner for the carb, there are also ultrasonic carb cleaners. These carb cleaning machines are more powerful and can deal with multiple carbs cleaning in a big basket. It saves users time and effort.


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