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A good engine cleaner gives the automobile’s engine a shiny, well-cared for the appearance that lets others know that you take pride in your car. A clean engine has many benefits. First, you will get more money back in trade for your car, as the engine will certainly last longer. A well-cleaned engine also makes it easier to detect issues, such as small leaks as soon as they occur.  Engine cleaner is either water or solvent based. Generally, the solvent based degreaser is preferable, as it works faster and yields the best results. Engine cleaner may be concentrated or pre-diluted.  Whether in a spray, foam or other forms, it is important to select a quality product. The best engine cleaner will cut through grease quickly and leave no residue behind. Below is a list of the best engine cleaners and degreaser. They are highly rated on

Oil Eater Cleaner/Degreaser

Many engine cleaners contain abrasives and/or acids that wreak havoc on septic systems. Oil eater is safe to use everywhere. It is non-corrosive and biodegradable. This product is very diverse. Use it in the home or in industrial settings. Highly concentrated, there is a chart on the back that ensures proper dilution. The oil eater cleaner/degreaser lives up to its name, literally dissolving grease and oil before your eyes. Simply transfer the properly diluted mixture to a spray bottle for easy application. Spray down the car engine and allow the product to soak in and work its magic. After a few moments, rinse away the residue with a pressure washer. The result is a clean car engine that shines like new. Oil eater is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It is still important to take care to keep this product out of the reach of children and pets.

Please make sure the engine is cool before spray oil eater on the gunk. Working with the pressure washer will produce the best result.

This oil eater is eco-friendly and biodegradable so it is safe for all use. It does have a wide application across many businesses. According to previous users, they bought it for oil stain removing of the driveway. However, many users also reported the brilliant result from the cleaning of kitchen floors, stains on clothing and around the household. It is really good cleaner and degreaser for the money. The seller also left hotline that you can call for more cleaning service and product inquiry.

Chemical Guys CLD_201 Signature Series Orange Degreaser

This product is industrial strength, with a citrus base that provides an extra advantage. In fact, this degreaser is so powerful, many claim that it is the best auto engine cleaner available. The concentrated formula is convenient. Simply consult the dilution chart and add water until you reach the level of strength you desire. Chemical Guy’s degreaser quickly cuts through grease and oil. The citrus helps emulsify the grease, lifting it from the surface and breaking it down. The engine is clean and residue-free after a thorough rinsing.

The Chemical Guy’s degreaser integrates with the citrus-based formula to produce the professional grade cleaning. It can get rid of the toughest oil, dirt, grease and grime on the many items, e.g engines, tools, tires, machinery, floors and wheels.  It is the kind of versatile cleaners for many jobs.

If you are not sure its suitability for your items cleaning, please just consult the seller before buying it. Some users complained about the items ruined after cleaning and also liquid leaking due to the poor package.

Griot’s Garage 11235 Engine Detailing Kit

This is a two-part product. First is the engine spray, which thoroughly and safely removes all oil, dirt and grease from the surfaces.

Second, it is the engine bay dressing. This spray clings to the clean engine surface. It not only helps protect the engine surface, it adds visual appeal. A single coat leaves a satin-like sheen, while multiple coats will result in a glossy, shiny appearance. This is one of the best engine cleaner additives. Be aware that the engine spray is extremely flammable, so avoid exposure to flames or excessive temperatures.

Before spraying this cleaning liquid onto the engine, please makes sure the cover of the air inlet and alternator. It is not suggested to spray directly onto the battery and electronic connection. This product has also no damage to the painted finish.

Update: Griot’s Garage 11235 is just out of stock. They also have other alternatives to work wonder on engine cleaning. Check this Griot’s Garage 11148 Speed Shine (Quick Detailer) Gallon.

Gunk EBT32 Engine Cleaner and Degreaser

The unique zero-VOC formula dissolves even the toughest grease, oil and gunk in a fast, safe and effective manner. The biodegradable formula is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Using this product is simple. Apply the engine cleaner spray to the automobile’s engine, let it rest for ten minutes and then spray it off. Gunk also makes an engine protector shine spray that provides additional protection and shines to the freshly cleaned engine.

Many one-star rating users report its the lack of cleaning capability on very dirty mud engine parts. It appears to be a product for the light cleaning. If your engine parts are very dirty and muddy, it might not produce the perfect result.

Trewax Natural Orange Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser

This product uses natural organic solvents derived from oranges for dissolving oil and grease. The non-toxic, biodegradable formula has a pleasant citrus scent. Simply spray the product on the engine, wait a few moments and then wash it down. Trewax Natural Orange is certainly effective at cleaning engine surfaces and performing other heavy-duty tasks, though it is most commonly used in the kitchen as an oven cleaner.

What makes the best engine cleaner?

The best engine cleaner is safe and effective. Non-corrosive, environmentally-friendly products are ideal, as you do not want to cause damage to your plumbing or septic system. Engine cleaner should be easy to use as well. For maximum convenience, many products come in a spray bottle. This is ideal for easy application.

If you would like more powerful solution on engine parts or carb cleaning, we also composed the top list of ultrasonic parts and carburetor cleaners. We listed the pros and cons of each model to give the buyers the objective review. If you are seeking the professional grade cleaning, an efficient ultrasonic carb or parts cleaner is really your must-have one.

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