Best Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner Review 2018

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners are machines that various industries use for cleaning jewelry, dental equipment, and medical equipment. They come in different models, dimensions and sizes.

Ultrasonic cleaners may vary widely in size. Some can hold 100 gallons of liquid. On the other hand, some can hold only 2.5 liters of liquid.

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What are industrial ultrasonic cleaners?

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners are machines used to clean large or small items in large quantities. The technology used in these machines is called “ultrasonic cleaning”. This technology enables the devices to generate pressure waves. These waves agitate the liquid (water or a cleaning solvent) in the machine’s chamber.

When agitated, the liquid produces fast-moving bubbles, a phenomenon referred to as “cavitation”. Cavitation is characterized by a rapid production of bubbles. These bubbles explode, producing large amounts of energy in the process. It is the bursting of the bubbles that produces the cleaning force.

How to choose an industrial ultrasonic cleaner

When deciding the brand and model to buy, look into the following:

  • The size of the objects to be cleaned; What is the biggest item to be cleaned? Measure it and give the dimensions to the seller.
  • Your purpose; Are you trying to reduce cleaning cost and time by using a cleaning machine? Or are you more particular about achieving the best cleaning results?
  • Basket or racks; It is important that none of the items to be cleaned and other parts of the machine will have contact with the transducer packs. Check the unit’s basket or racks for possible contact with the transducers. Note: Transducers function as energy converters. In ultrasonic cleaners, transducers produce ultrasonic vibration. Broken transducers are irreparable.
  • Power and frequency; Ultrasonic cleaners that have lower frequencies are used for abrasive cleaning. They produce bigger bubbles to clean surfaces of hard metals.On the other hand, there are those with higher frequencies. They produce smaller bubbles for cleaning soft metals such as those used for making jewelry.
  • Wave sweep functionality; Some models are equipped with a wave sweep function that enables them to produce waves with different frequencies. Waves with varying frequencies are effective in cleaning watches, jewelry, and other items with minute crevices.

Top-rated industrial ultrasonic cleaners review

In this review, we will mention only the key features of models on our list due to space limitations. Take note of details such as capacity, heating power, cleaning power, kHz, objects the machine can clean, and compliance to standards.

1. FoodKing Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry Eyeglass Commercial Industrial with Digital Heater Timer Basket (6 Liter)

We start with the FoodKing model. It is a 40-kHz 6-liter model designed for cleaning watches, eyeglasses, guns and jewelry. It comes with a LED digital timer for temperature (up to 80 o C) and time (settable to 1 up to 30 minutes) control.

The FoodKing cleaner has been approved by the RoHS, FCC and CE. It runs with a heating power of 200 watts and a cleaning power of 180 watts.

According to an actual product user, her FoodKing unit can make all of her items look brand new. Using the right solution is the key, according to her.

2. Industrial Grade 160W 2.5L Digital Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner

Here is a small 2.5-liter unit from H&B Luxuries. With a cavitation frequency of 35 kHz, this model can be used for applications requiring 25 kHz and 40 kHz. Take note of the maximum capacity which is only 2.1 liters. That’s the maximum liquid you can put in the tank whose depth is 3.15 inches.

The H & B has a cleaning power of 165 watts, a maximum cleaning temperature of 65 o C and five working cycles (90, 180, 280, 380 and 480).

3. Kendal Commercial Grade 780W 5.55G heated ultrasonic cleaner HB821

If the items to clean are large and long, and you need longer cleaning cycles, consider this Kendal unit. It is a 21-L cleaner that delivers up to 99 minutes of continuous cleaning. It has a depth of 6 inches and a length of 12 inches.

The HB821 comes with a 300-watt heating power and a cleaning power of 480 watts. The minimum temperature setting is 20 and the maximum is 80 degrees Celsius.

You can use this unit for cleaning handguns, long guns and even clocks. For carburetors, you may use simple green at 10%. For cleaning oxidation off metals, degreasing and cleaning jewelry, make sure you use the right chemicals.

The cleaner cleans well because of its transducers that produce 8 times more heating power than other units. It runs with a frequency of 42 kHz.

4. Flexzion Stainless Steel 6L Large Capacity Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer & Heater for Jewelry Rings Watch Eyeglasses Hospital Dental Lab Use Instruments 110V

Another 6-L model with a frequency of 40-kHz, the Flexzion unit is another option for jewelry, watch and eyeglasses businesses. As with the Kendal unit above, it gives off up to 80 of cleaning heat and has a maximum cycle time of 99 minutes.

You can use the cleaner in many types of objects such as optical parts, dental and surgical instruments, coins, fountain pens, fishing reels, golf clubs, window blinds, musical instruments, firearms, electronic equipment and small industrial parts.

This model runs with a heating power of 300 watts and a cleaning power of 180 watts. Take note of the drainage feature of this unit.

5. X-Tronic Model #2200-XTS 2.0L “Platinum Edition” Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner with Time Temp LED Displays, S/S Cleaning Basket, Sweep & Degas Controls, Wire Rack&Wire Beaker Holder

For an ultrasonic cleaner unit can that be easily placed anywhere in your home because of its small size, this X-tronic model is a good option. Its capacity is just 2-L unit and it has an immersion depth of only 2.23 inches. The small size, however, does not reflect this unit’s huge cleaning power.

For one, it comes with a temperature range of 0 – 80 degrees Celsius. Next, it also features degas and sweep functions, and also, just like others it can generate waves with a 40-kHz frequency. The power consumption for this model is placed at 150 watts.

6. Kendal Commercial Grade 27 Liters 900 Watts HEATED ULTRASONIC CLEANER HB27

The Kendal company is undoubtedly a producer of large ultrasonic cleaners. If the 21-L unit above is not enough for you and you need more cleaning space for single washes, consider this HB27 unit. This machine comes at the low-end prices of ultrasonic cleaners of this size.

Take note that this machine is better used for large items that need more of surface cleaning than blind holes cleaning. The maximum liquid temperature it can reach is 80 degrees as well, with 20 degrees being the lowest. The heating power is 300 watts, while its cleaning power is 600 watts. The transducers of this machine are able to generate 42-kHz of cleaning power.

One shortcoming of this unit is it doesn’t have the sweep function, making it unsuitable for cleaning jewelry and other items with complex surfaces. That is also an issue with Kendal’s 21-L unit.

7. VEVOR 6L Heated Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer Jewelry Watch Glasses Cleaner Large Capacity Cleaner Solution

The VEVOR is one of the low-priced units if you are coming with a low budget for this purchase. For a price that’s under $150, you can have a cleaning machine that generates 180 watts of ultrasonic power.

The heating power of this unit is 200 watts. The temperature settings range from 0 to 80 degrees Celsius and time settings are from 1 to 30 minutes. It comes with a capacity of 6 liters which is enough for long equipment and tube cleaning.

With these capabilities, you can use this unit for cleaning engine parts. Some people use it for the lower assembly parts of their outboard motor. They say it can remove caked-on grease and oil from these parts and also removed hard salty substances on their motor, which the motor had accumulated from being used in salt water.

8. TruSonik 2.5-L Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner with Heater Industrial Stainless Steel Body, Tub&Basket Cleans Jewelry, Dental&Tattoo Equipment, Guns&Gun Parts, Car Parts&Carbs

Another option for cleaning smaller items is this one from TruSonik. Compared with the small 2.5-L X-tronic unit, the TruSonik has the same capacity but with a lower price. This unit is a 5-star cleaner.

With a heating power of 200 watts, the TruSonik runs with an ultrasonic cleaning power of 120 watts. The temperature is 20 – 65, while cleaning time can be set from 5 – 50 minutes.

The time range is its advantage over expensive. With a price that’s slightly higher than a hundred bucks, you can have 50 minutes of cleaning cycles from this unit. It’s a great cleaner for small-sized businesses.

9. Kendal Commercial Grade 6L 380W Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner HB-36MHT

Turning to the last piece of great ultrasonic cleaners in this review, we have another Kendal. This time, it is a unit from the company with a lower capacity level.

This Kendal is only 6-L in capacity. Its cleaning power is only 180 watts, but its cleaning frequency is high at 42 kHz. Users of this unit praise it for its ability to reach preset heat very quickly. It comes with a heating power of 200 watts.

Read the manual for warnings. Don’t run this machine without proper solution and don’t drain the solution without allowing it to return to room temperature. The unit is not designed to be used continuously for more than 60 minutes. Read more precautions from the manual.


The key to picking the right unit is to know your specific needs. These machines are not perfect machines and they can get broken easily with wrong use. When buying, make sure that you provide the seller with a list of objects that you will use the cleaning machine for to enable them to show you more options than you already know.

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