There are many ways to get your jewelry’s original shine back. You can choose to bring your jewelry in to have a professional cleaning or you can do it at home using either household products and steam cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners.

  • Household Products – A simple and cost-effective way to clean your jewelry quick and easily is to use products that you already have laying around the house. For silver, you can try making a thick paste by mixing 1/4 baking soda and 2 tablespoons of water. Another great way to clean silver is to let it soak in vinegar. This should have it shining in no time. Toothpaste is another cheap alternative that can clean your jewelry without you having to spend any money at all.
  • Steam Cleaners - Steam cleaners are another safe method for cleaning your jewelry at home. With steam cleaners, you don’t need to use any cleaning solutions or chemicals. You simply use steam to heat up and soften dirt on the surface of your jewelry. While the steam makes it easy to clean, you will still have to use a cloth to scrub and polish the piece. Another benefit of using a steam cleaner is that it can also be used to clean other items around the house such as floors and carpets.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners - Ultrasonic cleaners are devices that use a cleaning solution and emit small ultrasonic vibrations through the liquid. These vibrations cause tiny bubbles in the solution that exert forces on whatever is in the tank. It helps to break down dirt particles and clean the surface of your jewelry. The tiny, but powerful, forces act on your jewelry to get into every small hole or crevice, ensuring that the entire piece of jewelry gets cleaned.