Another great use for an ultrasonic cleaner is cleaning car parts or they can even be used for bigger industrial parts. Smaller ultrasonic cleaners can be great for car parts that usually require hard work and manual cleaning. If you can fit it in the tank, you can clean it.

Try using an ultrasonic cleaner to scrub carburetor parts, cylinder heads, brake cylinders, fuel injectors, and differentials. Mechanics often use this method to take some of the workloads out of cleaning smaller parts. For those who do a lot of their own mechanic work at and can afford it, it’s not a bad idea to try to get one of these around their garage.

There is also bigger applications that might use ultrasonic cleaners. This type of cleaner is often used in industrial or commercial applications. Factories often used this type of cleaner to ensure that their products are completely cleaned before being shipped out. Some commercial businesses might also use these in their stores or facilities. Tattoo shops often use this method to clean and sterilize their equipment before tattooing or piercing a person.

Ultrasonic cleaners are also often used in medical applications. Doctors can use them in their offices to keep their equipment sterilized as well. They are also commonly found in hospital to keep equipment sterile for surgical procedure