One simple and easy way to clean your gun parts is to use an ultrasonic cleaner. You will want to make a mixture of a few teaspoons of ammonia and hot water and fill your ultrasonic cleaner with the solution. Once, you have disassembled your gun, place the parts that you wish to clean in the solution and turn the device on. Make sure to not place parts too close together to avoid them rubbing together and potential causing scratches. After letting the machine do its work, your gun parts will be as clean as if they were new.

5 Tips for Safe Gun Cleaning

  • Always treat a firearm as if it is loaded. It seems like every few weeks there is an article in the paper about an accidental death from a firearm. Many times, this occurs when a weapon is being cleaned, the person cleaning it did not realize it was loaded, and it went off. To avoid this happening to you while cleaning your gun, always treat the gun as if it is loaded;
  • Never point at anything you wouldn’t shoot at. Even if you have removed the magazine and emptied the chamber, only ever point your gun at things that are okay to be shot at;
  • Disassemble your gun in a safe place. Drywall and plaster walls don’t stop bullets, so be sure to know what is behind them. Safely cleaning a gun means making sure that if an accidental firing were to happen, nothing you value would be damaged;
  • Slow down. Cleaning your gun is not something you rush. When you rush, mistakes can happen. Only clean your gun when you can give it your full focus and attention. Do it methodically. It is best always best to clean your gun when you are alone and free from any possible interruptions or distractions from others.