How Often Should You Clean Your Gun

How often do you recommend cleaning your gun? I do have a considerable amount of firearm experience. I will tell you one thing that I’ve always prided myself on is that my firearms always functioned really well and shot very accurately. With that in mind, I clean my firearms after every day of shooting.

If you go to the range, it doesn’t matter if you put up 20 rounds or a hundred rounds.  When you get home, you should clean the firearm fully and oil it up. Are there times that you’ve made exceptions to that? Yes of course, very rarely but if you put out only 10 rounds then the rain is coming up, and you have to return home. In such case, the barrel barely looked like any shot even going through it, and it was clean. Therefore you do not have clean it.

Some other shooters would let them get six to seven hundred rounds through them before they would clean them. However, if it was a .22, then you have to do the cleaning more often. Just because it’s dirty ammo. If it’s a good quality gun and you’re using quality ammo which I do,  then you don’t need to do the gun cleaning as often as possible.

Actually, you don’t have to clean your firearms every day. However, if you take your firearms and spend the whole day on shooting, you should definitely clean your gun fully. It actually depends on how many you put out the rounds for each shooting.

how often clean trap gun

Healthy Effect of Carrying Dirty Gun

However, if you keep your carry gun dirty, it will get you dirty so since it’s strapped to your body.  It can get your holster really dirty. I have found that’s the case when I carry in a tan-colored Galco under wraps. It has taken on kind of a dark color around the muzzle area because I’ve carried my gun dirty in it before. I’m also on the other side of lead poisoning I’ve been dealing with.  It’s probably not good to have a dirty gun or at least extremely dirty sitting up against your skin all day and the muzzle a lot of times comes out the bottom of a holster especially a compression type holster like a belly band so it’s resting against your belly. So if you carry any compression elasaur like that, I would say clean it before you put it back in there.

What I would like to do now is when I shoot and at the end of my range time,  I clean my gun right there at the range before I ever put it back in my holster or back in my case. Following that way, it just goes back into the safe or back into my holster clean. If you had asked me this question three years ago, I would have said I put five six seven hundred round through before I clean it.

What Cleaner Used for Gun Cleaning

The gun cleaner I recommend to use is some liquid oil bottle, like CLP cleaner. Actually, it is basically the combination of a cleaner and a lubricant. What we call is all in one cleanse oil and effectively protect your firearms against rust.

There are also many other firearms cleaning tools, like ultrasonic gun cleaner and gun cleaning kit. They both give gun owners more professional cleaning and maintenance for your dirty firearms. If users are interested on how either ultrasonic gun cleaner or cleaning kit help do the work, you can refer to the ultimate guide I composed on this website. Hopefully, those information articles would help you solve any of cleaning problems.



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