Best Power Case Trimmer Reviewed

A case trimmer is generally part of a reloading kit. Case trimming is the final step in the reloading process. After you put a new bullet back together, it is still not ready to load and shoot. The brass casing must fall within a precise realm of measurement. The exact length is different depending upon the exact caliber of the ammunition. The need for trimming the casing is where a case trimmer comes into play.  When you fire a gun, there is an explosion. This explosion pushes the bullet out of its brass casing and down the gun’s barrel. Over time, these explosions cause the brass casing to stretch and distort. When the casing stretches out too much, it lengthens the brass to the point where it is no longer within specification. A case trimmer trims the brass casing back down to its acceptable size.

The best case trimmer is quick and precise. Case trimmers come in one of three forms.

  • Handheld Case Trimmer: A handheld case trimmer is ideal for those who are new to reloading. Handheld trimmers are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. They produce quality results. There is a gauge that measures the necessary length, as well as a cutter. The cutter is what trims the brass casing down to an exact measurement.
  • Bench Mounted Manual Case Trimmer: A bench mounted manual case trimmer is ideal for two scenarios. First, it is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to trim a large volume of brass. This is because these case trimmers are very fast. Second, bench mounted trimmers provide immense control over the exact length. Different attachments can work with a handheld drill to speed up the trimming process.
  • Power Case Trimmers: Power case trimmers are by far the fastest. All you have to do is set it once. It quickly trims a high volume of brass to a specified point. It does not require any hand cranking.

Below is a review of the best case trimmers on the market today.

Top Five Case Trimmers Reviewed in 2019

Lyman Universal Trimmer

This is the most versatile case trimmer. It has a universal Chuckhead, so the trimmer does not need collets or shell holders. It accommodates all cases between .17 – .458 caliber. The Lyman Universal Trimmer can be fitted with a power adapter, which gives you the capability of trimming up to 250 cases in a single hour! This product has an adjusting ring, and it features coarse and fine adjustments. In fact, it accurately adjusts to within one-thousandth of an inch! This attention to detail is vital. A case length must be specific for accuracy and flawless function. There are nine popular trimming pilots included as well, such as the 22 cal and 9mm.

It is extremely easy to set up and to use.  It is also very sturdy and durable.

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series

This product has an adjustable collet system. It accommodates everything from a .17 Remington to a .460 Weatherby. All cases must have shoulders. This product is the best auto case trimmer for speed and precision. It works fast and accurate, eliminating the need for shell holders. It has three output shafts. These shafts are compatible with the vast majority of case trimming accessories. Perhaps the true star of the show is the case holder. Made of durable steel and aluminum, the case holder trims the brass to the exact desired length. The HSS cutters are remarkable. They remain razor sharp for up to ten thousand rounds! This is the best case trimmer for brass. It includes a deburr and chamfer tool as well as a collection of cleaning tools. Highly reliable, the Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series stands up to repeated use with zero loss of quality.

RCBS 90366 Trim Pro-2 Kit with Spring Loaded Shell Holder

The main feature of this case trimmer is its spring-loaded universal shell holder. This saves an incredible amount of time in comparison to case trimmers that manually clamp. The RCBS 90366 is made of durable, quality material. It can handle repeated use without compromising quality or output. This product comes with everything you will need, including a cutter head and a multitude of pilots. Fast, simple and precise, this is the best case trimmer for precision reloading. It is easy to set up and dial into a specific length. It also comes with an instruction book that clearly explains all aspects of the product.

6720092 Lyman Universal Case Trimmer

This is the best high-volume case trimmer. It has a cutting head made from carbide. This means that the cutting head will maintain its sharp edge for a much longer time than other cutting heads. You can trim multiple cases with speed and accuracy without dulling the head. According to consumer reviews, you will get the best results from this case trimmer by mounting it to a bench. This ensures maximum stability. It also has a patented Universal Chuckhead. This means you do not need any collects, as long your brass falls between .17 caliber to .458. In addition, the 6720092 Lyman comes with nine pilots, so you can trim brass for almost every handgun or rifle.  Simply use the attachment to turn the casings with a cordless drill. This is the best case trimmer for under one hundred dollars. Customers are delighted by the value they receive in relation to the money they spend. It lasts for quite a long time with minimal maintenance.

RCBS Trim Pro-2 Power Kit with Spring Loaded Shell Holder

This is a quality, durable product. Made from the best materials available, this case trimmer yields accurate results each and every time. It is compatible with all major pilots. It has a spring-loaded shell holder. This shell holder is what locks the brass casings and cutter. This ensures a precise, consistent trim. It is very important to be sure you read the instructions and assemble the product correctly. RCBS is a company that is known for its customer service. They are happy to replace any part of the case trimmer if it malfunctions or breaks prematurely.

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