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A gun wise is the mechanical equipment used to secure and fix your gun, so users can make a convenient gun cleaning and other maintenance work on it. A gun vise is developed from the traditional bench vise. There are many advantages of using a gun vise to clean your gun over the bench vise. Gun owners don’t have to worry about the scratching of the sensitive gun parts during cleaning, as most of the gun vise comes with soft corners and padding. It gives the best protection and proceeding long gun and rifle cleaning smoothly well.

Tipton 110011 Ultra Gun Vise

If you would like to buy one suitable gun vise for your regular gun cleaning and maintenance work, we just compile a list of top rated gun vise for cleaning on Amazon. Hopefully, users can find some useful information and choose their very best gun cleaning vise without hassle.

Comparison Table of 10 Best Gun Vise for Cleaning and Maintenance in 2019

ImagesTitlesKey FeaturesPrice
Rockwell RK9002 JawHorse Sheetmaster Portable WorkstationWorkstation for clamping, supporting and holding, 10 times the clamping power of a regular vise$$$
Tipton Best Gun ViseEvery component adjustable for different fit$$
Tipton 110011 Ultra Gun ViseIdeal for cleaning, gunsmithing, scope mounting and other maintenance work$$
MTM GV-30 Gun Vise Cleaning Maintenance CenterDimensions: 32.5 x 9 x 7.5 inches, ideal for all gunsmith needs$$
Lyman 7832250 Revolution Gun VisePadded contact points for better protection$$
Gunslick VISTA OUTDOOR SLS - GUNSLICK Gun Maintenance CenterBuilt-in cam-lock vise$$
CTK P3 Ultimate Gun ViseAccommodates all shapes and sizes of firearms$$$
Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting ViseWelded tubular steel made$$
Tetra ProVise Professional Gun Care Viserubber vise parts and feet for better protection$$
Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2 Adjustable Ambidextrous Recoil Reducing Rifle Shooting Rest for Outdoor Rangeslide for optimal length adjustment, non-destructive$$$

Top 7 of Best Gun Cleaning Vise Reviewed in 2019

We compiled a list of top rated gun vise on Amazon. Each gun vise model is briefly reviewed in the perspectives of main features, application and other pros and cons points. Just read through to choose the best model to accommodate any of your gunsmithing needs.

Tipton Best Gun Vise

This gun vise stands out amongst its competitors due to sheer adaptability. It measures 32 x 8 inches. Many consider it the best gun cleaning vise that is currently available on the market. Its design accommodates a virtually unlimited number of guns. As a result, it is ideal for cleaning and maintaining any make or model of firearm.

There are three separate supports. These supports are vertically adjustable. The rear clamp. This base support has two blocks that move independently from one another. This allows for the cushioned clamps to take various positions, which allows for a precise hold.  The rear clamp’s versatility allows it to accommodate a nearly unlimited range of stock sizes and models.

The Forend support goes up or down for maximum control. The firearm holds steadily in place in an ideal position. Finally, the front grip support has two legs. This provides even more options for individual adjustment. This front grip support moves along the entire length of the T-track.

The Tipton Best Gun Vise has a central aluminum channel. It affords a precise, tight hold throughout the cleaning. The firearm will not slip or break loose from its clamps.

This Tipton gun vise product is extremely durable. It is made from a rugged polymer material. This material stands up to heavy use. The product lasts for many years and does not show signs of damage.

Tipton 110011 Ultra Gun Vise

A durable, steel frame prevents damage and other wear and tear. This product is tough. It is also solvent resistant, which farther extends its lifespan.

The Tipton 110011 is a good investment. Preserve the appearance of your firearms with rubber contact pads. These pads mold around the gun’s stock and barrel to prevent the risk of damage or scratching.  The ball and socket design allow the pads to conform to nearly any surface.

The Tipton 110011 is compatible with a wide variety of firearms. This includes handguns, rifles, muzzleloaders as well as crossbows. It has slip-resistant knobs for comfort and control. Likewise, four feet level the firearm for ultimate control during cleaning. Raise or lower the barrel or stock to provide a greater range of motion. The feet are also beneficial for working on scopes. This is because the feet provide a precise level, which is vital to sighting in scopes.

MTM GV-30 Gun Vise Cleaning Maintenance Center

This is a vise for shotguns and rifles. It has four rubber feet. This mounting system is slip-resistant, a necessary component for a gun vise. The vise can stand on its own, or securely attach to a workbench.

The firearm holds securely in place with quick clamps. The clamps protect the surface of the firearm against damage.

This product is very convenient. It has built-in storage space for solvents, rods and other bits and pieces. Your materials stay organized and clean with minimal clutter.  The polypropylene plastic design is resistant to solvents and chemicals. As a result, the MTM GV-30 is extremely durable and long-lasting.

Lyman 7832250 Revolution Gun Vise

This is the only gun cleaning vise with a rotating feature. The product rotates up to forty-five degrees in either direction, then locks into place. As a result, the range of motion is significantly improved. The consumer can safely and thoroughly clean their firearm with ease. The rotation also allows access to areas that are hard to reach on traditional vises.

The base’s position atop steel guide rods. The vise can adjust to accommodate a wide variety of guns, including rifles, shotguns and pistols. Simply slide the base to the appropriate length, and lock it into place. The padded contact points protect all areas of the gun while still providing a firm hold.


The center cam lock device securely holds firearms of all sizes. It will not cause damage to the barrel or stock. The additional feature of built-in drawers is highly convenient. These drawers store everything from rods to bits and solvents.

This product is known for its quality design. Solvent resistant plastic provides maximum lifespan, even with heavy, frequent use.  It accommodates a variety of firearms, including rifles and shotguns.

CTK P3 Ultimate Gun Vise

The PVC padding melds around a huge variety of firearms, including rifles, shotguns and pistols. Likewise, the supple texture of the PVC means the firearm is securely held, yet it is exposed to minimal pressure. The padding is solvent resistant. This means it will stand up to most common gunsmithing chemicals.

The CTK P3 assembles for either right or left-hand use. This will allow for maximum comfort for all consumers. A three-point leveling system means that the product can be used on workbenches that are less than perfectly level. A wide base for stability provides the ultimate amount of security and control.

The product is highly durable. An all-over e-coat finish coupled with its steel design means it is one of the most reliable gun cleaning vises on the market.

CTK Precision Gun Vise Attachment

This is not an actual gun cleaning device. Rather, it converts the P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest into a gun cleaning vise. The P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest holds the firearm in place for accurate shooting. This attachment slides in a horizontal motion for rifles and pistols. It securely holds the firearm in place for cleaning and service. Supple PVC foam provides a tight hold on the barrel and stock. However, the PVC protects the firearm. The durable, solvent-resistant material ensures longevity and reliability.

What Is The Best Gun Cleaning Vise?

You will need a good and secure vise to prevent your gun from getting damaged during the cleaning process. But choosing the right gun vise could be quite challenging for a beginner in the matter.

A good gun vise should also have padding and covered or soft corners to protect your firearm from being scratched. Such a vise should be used mostly during the cleaning process since this is what it was intended for.

Do not use a gun wise to prevent your gun from firing as this is not a secure method at all. It will, however, be a great choice for when you want to secure the rifle to install or clean your gun.

One of the best gun cleaning vises on the market is the CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise. This is a great solution to clean rifles and pistols equally. Besides the fact that it is safe and easy to clean your gun by using this vise, you can also use it as a shooting rest device.

It is made to resist a long time thanks to the durable steel material that is built from. This vise is made in the USA, and it matches all the safety standards that you want from such a product.

It also has an E-coat finish both on the inside and outside of it which makes it even more resistant and increases its lifespan. It is also very lightweight and compact so you will be able to move it just as you please.

The length of this gun vise is 25 inches while the width is 18 inches. The feet are covered on padded rubber for increased stability and comfort, and this is also an interesting detail when it comes to the design of the gun vise!

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