Best Ultrasonic Case Cleaner Review in 2018

If you own some handguns or run a gunsmith workshop, you have to face the task of regular maintenance and cleaning up small brass cases and gun parts. In this situation,  a powerful ultrasonic case cleaner is your best bet. The ultrasonic cleaner, by making use of ultrasonic cavitation generated through a transducer,  can penetrate the small cases, primer pocket and gun parts, thoroughly clean up them in a short time circle. Manually cleaning a lot of small cases and parts don’t sound realistic, especially work with a gunsmith shop, so a powerful yet efficient ultrasonic case cleaning machine is really your need. Check other gun cleaners reviewed here.

Shoppers might be confused about what the best ultrasonic case cleaner suit their own case cleaning needs. The following are some of the top rated ultrasonic case cleaners on I give a brief coverage of features, functions, and review for each one, so to help shoppers purchase very best ultrasonic case cleaning machine without much hassle.

RCBS Ultrasonic case cleaner

This ultrasonic case cleaner manufactured by RCBS has many attractive features. It is a great addition to either gunsmith workshop or home used case cleaning.

The RCBS ultrasonic case cleaning machine, model 87055, comes with a powerful 60W transducer and 100W ceramic heater; It works with 36KHZ ultrasonic frequency to produce the efficient enough cleaning function; More conveniently, the cleaner is designed with drain valve and tube on the bottom of corner tank, which make users easily empty liquid in tank and wipe out completely.

RCBS 87055 ultrasonic case cleaner works well with brass case and gun parts cleaning, rapidly getting rid of tarnish, carbon and metal buildup. It has a 3.2-quart stainless steel tank that is big enough to hold a huge volume of the case and parts.

You might be a bit disappointed if just cleaned up not polished as sparkling as the new one. However, this powerful cleaner does well complete its cleanup work as described, removing grime and tarnish on brass case. If you are expecting a quick and portable solution on brass case cleaning, this RCBS cleaner is highly recommended.

Hornady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner II

If you are skeptical about sonic case cleaner, this Lock N from Hornady must be able to dispel any doubt. This Hornady Lock N Load sonic cleaner is powered with 110V and comes with an 80W ceramic heater, well enhancing the overall cleaning action.

The Lock N Load sonic cleaner comes with a 2L stainless steel tank that is big enough to hold up to 300 .223 cases or 150 .308 cases. With little chemical solution or just distilled water, this Hornady cleaner can easily remove tarnish, carbon residue and debris from many small metal cases, like gun parts, cartridge cases, other metal tools parts. It gives these small metal case a completed cleaning up both internal and external.

Additionally, I read reviews from previous Amazon buyers and found one of them, published by ek808, is very useful. He shared some helpful points on cleaning brass, cartridge case, and heating function. If you have the same cleaning needs, please don’t miss those words line.

Lyman Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner 7631700 115 Volt

Lyman is trusted brand since the 1800’s. Its cleaning products are also well known for various types of gun parts and case cleaning. This turbo sonic case cleaner is one of those highly rated both online and offline.

This Lyman sonic case cleaner, model 7631700, is powerful and works efficiently. It allows the reloader to clean gun parts and case inside and outside within only 10 minutes. The overall cleaning process takes the advantages of the heated tank and specially formulated Lyman chemical solution, which give rapid removing and dissolving carbon and any other residues left on the firearm cases.

Apart from the small metal case and gun parts, you can even clean a whole handgun and pistol if you can put it in the basket. Although using just tap water is fine, pouring some Lyman chemical solution is highly recommended and can deliver you outstanding performance with only one or two circles. It depends on your own cleaning situation.

The one thing you might feel down is the cleaner tank does not have a drain valve on the corner. If you would like to reuse the liquid in the tank, you need to buy a funnel or tube, so it won’t mess you much.

Lyman Turbo Sonic 6000 Case Cleaner 115 Volt

If you would like a much larger case cleaner, this upgraded turbo sonic 6000 case cleaner is what you need. It is built up with a large tank of 6.3-quart, roughly measured by 12.8″ x 8″ x 3.9″. Users can put a volume of up to 1300 x 9mm cases in the tank for cleaning.

Apart from its large capacity, this sonic 6000 case cleaner is powered by two industrial-grade ultrasonic transducers, which generates enough ultrasonic cavitation to blow away any residue left on the case surface.

Another great feature is it has built-in drain and hose so you can easily convey liquid solution. It is much better than the smaller model, 7631700.

The water heating might take some time, but if you think it is time-consuming, you can close the tank lid to reduce the heating time.

The Turbo Sonic 6000 case cleaner is perfect for cleaning large volume of a small case, gun parts, and the primer pocket. It is intended for professional gunsmith workshop, but quite affordable for home using as well.

iSonic P4830 Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner 110V

iSonic P4830 ultrasonic cleaner features many premium points to satisfy either home or commercial cleaning needs. With up to five time circle setting, you can set cleaning time between 1 minute and 30 minutes. It is especially useful if you need a long time deep cleaning. Just no need to manually repeat timer a few times.

Its degas function removes air bubbles to effectively enhance ultrasonic cleaning performance and shortens the overall cleaning time.

If the tank is in the danger of overheating, the overheating protector can shut down the machine for 30 minutes for best protection.

iSonic P4830 cleaner works well with just tap water. However, if pouring some specific chemical solution, this iSonic cleaner can deliver the comprehensive cleaning performance on various types of small case, gun parts, jewelry, and other small widgets.

According to the seller, iSonic ultrasonic brass solution can well clean brass case; Brownelles ultrasonic gun cleaning solution or Ballistol can do well on gun parts cleaning; If you would like to clean jewelry and eyeglasses, iSonic CSGJ01-8oz cleaning solution concentrate is perfect for job done. Just avoid using any chemical solution corrosive to plastic, as the cleaner housing and basket are made of ABS.

Additionally, the cleaner tank has a built-in drain so emptying is easier for users.

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