Best Solvent Lubricant Oil for Gun Cleaning

If you are a firearm owner, you know that there is way more to it than simply using a gun and keeping it stored. Firearm ownership requires the owner to be proactive to keep it in tip-top shape. This includes cleaning their gun regularly or else they run the risk of it misfiring or otherwise, not functioning properly. Some of top rated best gun cleaning solvent are reviewed in this article.

Comparison Chart of Best Gun Cleaning Solvent in 2018

CLP by Sage & Braker. Oil, Lubricant, Solvent and Protectant All in One Gun Cleaning Formulanon toxic cleaner solution for all firearms$$
Hoppe's No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaning Solvent, 1-Pint BottleUltra potent, safe and easy to Use$
Break-Free CLP-2 Gun Cleaner Lubricant Preservative 4 oz (113.4 gram) AerosolStill produce excellent cleaning even in extreme environments$$
Hoppe's Elite Gun Cleaner Spray Bottle, 8 OuncesOdorless, non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable$$
G96 1055P Complete Triple-Action Gun TreatmentLubricants not freeze, oxidize or evaporate$$
Breakthrough Clean Technologies Military-Grade Solvent - 6ozQuick and odorless for gun cleaning$$
Hoppe's M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner - 8 Ounce Spray BottleDeveloped unique cleaning system for all gun clean$$
Ballistol Multi-Purpose Lube Cleaner Protectant 16 Ounce w/Sprayer1-Trigger sprayer, no harm to environment$$
Gunslick Foaming Bore Cleaner (12-Ounce)Advanced formulas for gun cleaning$$
Ballistol Multi-Purpose Lubricant Cleaner Protectant Combo Pack #73-1.5 oz. Aerosol Cans$$

Cleaning and maintaining your firearm do not have to be a burdensome chore. With the use of a simple gun cleaning kit and a cleaning solvent, regular maintenance becomes as easy as can be. The problem is that most gun cleaning kits often do not come with a cleaning solvent. You will have to purchase this separately and with the availability of so many products and brands to choose from, picking a cleaning solvent for your gun can be intimidating.

Here, we will go over some of the best gun cleaning solvents available and what makes them so special.

Hoppe’s M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner

Hoppe’s M-Pro 7 is a professional and military grade gun cleaner that will help improve the accuracy of your gun. While also improving reliability, this cleaning solvent will easily remove carbon, lead, most copper fouling and significantly cut down on your cleaning time. The solvent will also help reduce any future fouling after being it has been applied. This gun cleaner is completely safe to use, odorless, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner

This gun bore cleaner is meant to be an ultra-effective cleaning solvent. Designed to be both safe and easy to use. The solvent comes in one 16 oz. (1 pint) bottle and features a child-proof cap. So you won’t have to worry about keeping the cleaner around your house if you have young children. Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaner is meant to act fast and penetrate every single crack. This ensures every surface of every moving part will get lubricated. It has been held as a top gun cleaner around the world ever since its first appearance back in 1903.

CLP by Sage & Braker, Oil Lubricant Solvent Protectant All in One Gun Cleaner

CLP offers an unbeatable gun cleaning experience that is like no other. It is meant to clean properly and does not leave any oily residue behind. This cleaner does not contain any harsh chemicals that could be harmful to you and your health. It provides the perfect solution for carbon, lead, and copper fouling. This oil is meant to penetrate and infiltrate every crack and crevice on a tiny, microscopic level. At the same time, this is a CLP with an edge. It will even remove dirt and grime from your firearm’s internals even years after not having been cleaned or maintained. It helps to protect your firearm from misfiring or failing by using a formula that greatly reduces static. This, in turn, prevents carbon and other contaminants from sticking and gunking up your weapon. Sage and Braker bring you a CLP that is highly effective, and completely safe. It does not contain any strong, harsh smelling chemicals that could damage or scratch the outer finish of your firearm. The CLP is completely non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable. This works to coat and helps protect the bore and all the other moving parts. CLP also offers improved heat dissipation which ensures a complete burn of all the gunpowder in the cartridge. This product is made in the United States.

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol Lubricant and Cleaner

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a completely eco-friendly product and does not contain any by-products or chemicals that might potentially harm the environment. This cleaner can work wonders for both lubricating and protecting your firearm. This is also a multi-purpose cleaner and can be used to clean almost any solid surface. It works great for preserving and protecting metal, wood, leather, and plastics. Since it is slightly alkaline in nature, this cleaner works to neutralize and remove sweat and oils. Ballistol can be purchased in a 1.5 oz. aerosol cans that will help you be able to spray the lubricant exactly where you want it to go.

Advanced Weapons Technology Extreme Force Weapon’s Lube

This firearm lubricant is made with a superior compound that was specially designed for some of the harshest conditions. Advanced Weapons Tech’s Extreme Force Lube is a thicker, heavier bodied lubricant that stays exactly where you put it. With this oil, there is no leaking and sticky messes to clean up afterward. It is meant to be an extra-long-lasting lubricant that won’t harden up over time. This product is ideal for use on firearms, as well as fishing reels and knives. Extreme Force lube penetrates deep and spreads itself to all surfaces. By using this solvent, you can reduce your clean up time by up to 50%, according to seller. It ships in a child-proof container that has a dropper style lid.

Hoppe’s No. 9 Bench Rest Copper Gun Bore Cleaner

This bore cleaner is specially formulated for bench rest shooting weapon. Hoppe’s Bench Rest Bore Cleaner is designed to be a fasting acting lubricant that allows you to clean and remove copper fouling overnight. When using other bore cleaners, the cleaning process can sometimes take as many as three or four days. This Bench Rest Copper Bore Cleaner is a safe and highly effective cleaner that do not contain any abrasives that could potentially damage the finish of your firearm. It works great for removing gunpowder residue, lead, and plastics from any firearm. Product ships in a 16 oz. (1pint) bottle.


This concludes our list of a few of the best gun cleaning solvent that is available on the market. There are, of course, many other solvents that you could use for your firearms. This list is only intended as a guide to help you find a gun cleaning solvent that you like. Now, hopefully, armed with this knowledge, you will now be able to make a safe and conscious choice as to which cleaning products to use on your firearm.

Remember that cleaning your weapon and lubricating it regularly is an important part of gun ownership. Make sure that you take the time to take care of your firearm. This will help ensure that it runs smoothly and can even help avoid accidental injury.

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