How to Clean a Gun and Parts Efficiently

Any mechanical device requires proper cleaning on a regular basis. This doesn’t exempt firearms which also demand good maintenance including lubrication and cleaning. In fact, you need to clean and lubricate your gun every after use in order to keep it at maximum operational performance especially during survival scenarios. You don’t need to disassemble your firearm when performing regular maintenance. Below are some basic cleaning tips to help your gun become operative at all times.

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Unload the gun and remove the bolt

Before you start cleaning your firearm, make sure to unload it by opening the action. Read the manual to ensure proper handling of the firearm. Remove the magazine, clips, and bolt from the rifle or lock-open the action for pistol, shotgun, and semi auto rifle. Use solvent when brushing the firearm including the ejector or extractor. After cleaning, dry it off and lightly lubricate the bolt.

Clean the barrel

Use the cleaning rod attached with bronze brush diffused in solvent when swabbing the chamber end through the barrel and muzzle. For extremely dirty barrel, repeat the action and let the solvent sit for 10 to 15 minutes to soften and dissolve bullet jacket substance, powder fowling, and lead.

Brush the barrel again

After swabbing the barrel with gun solvent, brush it again to completely release the substance inside the barrel. For professional target shooters, unscrewing the muzzle’s bronze brush in every stroke is more effective than just pulling the brush in and out of the barrel. However, for the standard everyday .22 LR or deer rifle, doing this action is not needed. And to push excess gunk out of the bore, using a clean cloth patch is recommended.

Scrub the barrel using patches

With cloth patches soaked in solvent, cleaners can scrub the barrel through the muzzle. Please make sure to replace the patch with clean one after pulling back up. Repeat this action until the patch you are using is no longer black with bluish and greenish color. If the barrel is still dirty, soak it with solvent and let it sit for a little bit.

Apply lube lightly

Please don’t put too much oil when cleaning your gun. After all, scrubbing the barrel only needs a little amount of lube to prevent rusting. With a cotton cloth, wipe the oil onto the gun’s metal surfaces for ultimate cleaning. Remember, do not overdo the lubrication. And wear cotton gloves when applying lube to prevent leaving fingerprints on the firearm before storage.

When it comes to storage, don’t place your gun in sealed cases for a long period of time, either plastic or fabric. But if you don’t have any choice, make sure to put desiccant inside the case to avoid moisture. However, the best way to store your gun is placing them inside a secured area or your closet. Additional reminder, bullets should not be stored together with any firearm. So these are the basics of gun cleaning and storing. Follow these steps and keep your firearm in good condition at all times.

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