Top 10 Best Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Review

There are many ways to clean and care your jewelry. Actually, how to clean jewelry pieces largely depends on what kind of jewelry you have in the collection. Ultrasonic cleaning is one of those which has been increasingly getting popularity both for home and professional jewelers. There are many advantages of using an ultrasonic cleaner to clean jewelry. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is very powerful and efficient. These portable jewelry cleaners can clean up lots of small dirty jewelry pieces in just a few minutes. Users can save much time and manual work so as to concentrate much other business during the cleaning process.

Branson Model B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner, 120V

the Full Review for Branson Model B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, like many other ultrasonic cleaners, takes use of ultrasonic sound wave to strip off the grimes and dirty from jewelry. There is an inset device, called transducer, which can transform power into the ultra sonic sound wave. These sound wave travel through the liquid, then create thousands of tiny bubbles. These bubbles get in touch with dirty items to implode. The bubble implosion release the extreme power to blow away any grimes and particles on the dirty items. This process is called cavitation. The ultrasonic sound wave can reach the deep groove, crevices and holes, so using ultrasonic cleaner can usually produce more professional and completed cleaning work.

Comparison Table of Top 10 Best Selling Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner in 2018

Ultrasonic Jewelry CleanersTitlesFeaturesPrice
300W 6 Liter 1.58 Gallon Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner with BasketSmall and economical; Includes 5-minute timer$$
Branson Model B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner, 120VLarge 6 Liters (1.58 gallon) stainless steel (SU304) tank$$$
iSonic P4800 Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner, 1.5Qt/1.4L, white/gray color, plastic basket, 110VUltrasonic Frequency 42,000 Hz, 110V 60W$$
iSonic P4810+BHK01A Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner w/ Beaker Holder Set for DIY Liposomal Vitamin CThe best combination and setup for liposomal vitamin C mixing or herb extraction$$
iSonic P4830 Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner, 3.2Qt/3L, White Color, Plastic Basket, 110VFive temperature settings for varied applications$$$
iSonic® Professional Grade Ultrasonic Cleaner P4820-WPB with Heater and Digital Timer, Plastic BasketUltrasonic frequency: 42,000 Hz.$$$
Kendal INDUSTRAL GRADE 160 WATTS 2.5 LITERS DIGITAL HEATED ULTRASONIC CLEANERLarge & Lengthened tank; Strengthened transducer$$
RCBS Ultrasonic Case CleanerPowerful 60W transducer and 100W ceramic heater$$
Ultrasonic Cleaners Digital Timer for Cleaning Jewelry and Eyeglass 100-120V/60HZ 35W 0.8L stainless steelIdeal for cleaning glasses, watch, jewelry, metal parts, denture and more$$
Elite Pro Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner for Jewelry, Watches, Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Dentures, Coins, Metal Parts, Gun Parts, GearsFive timer settings; Multiple application on cleaning; 800ml Tank$$

Advantages of Using Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Machine

Here are the advantages of ultrasonic cleaner machines to clean jewelry over those traditional cleaning methods.


As cliché as it can be, there is so much truth in the saying, “time is money” in terms of jewelry cleaning. Because of these machines, jewelers spend less time cleaning and spend more time with their customers. Traditional jewelry cleaning techniques involve brushes, soaps, and too much hard physical work.

When a piece of jewelry is being cleaned in the backroom of a shop, it is a time that the piece cannot be seen by customers. This could mean that it may take longer before someone buys it. In just a few minutes, ultrasonic cleaners can totally clean even the most detailed jewelry items. This allows the jewelers to display the pieces at their best form.


Aside from the fact that a piece of jewelry spends less time away from the display room, the ultrasonic cleaning machines are a good money-saving investment because of the costs associated with them. Compared to the material and labor costs of conventional cleaning techniques, ultrasonic cleaners are far more cost-effective. The cleaners use less cleaning solution every session because of the ultrasonic cavitation procedure. All in all, this also saves money.


There are certain valuable pieces of jewelry that have the most elaborate designs. Some of them have narrow openings between the links that can store dust, dirt and other particles. Specialty pieces with custom designs could also have crevices where dirt could gather. Most tools cannot reach these spaces as they are too small. The cleaning solution of ultrasonic cleaners can reach these small spaces and make these delicate pieces shine again.

Environmental Impact

Big retail jewelry businesses use and dispose of their cleaning solutions in a manner that can have a noticeable effect on local water supplies. The ultrasonic waves perform much of the work necessary in cleaning the pieces of jewelry, and because it uses less cleaning solutions, it lessens the overall environmental impact of the whole cleaning procedure. Moreover, ultrasonic cleaners are self-contained. You do not need to use heavy solvents. In general, this also creates a safer work environment.


Jewelers grade diamonds based on four major criteria: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. These are also called the 4 C’s of a diamond. There is another C that could also have an effect on the value of a diamond – cleanliness. When a diamond has a smudge or stain, a customer may see it as being less valuable than a spotless, sparkling stone. Ultrasonic cleaning machines can wash away many of the external blemishes that may hold on to precious stones.

Best 10 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners Review

The following are 10 ultrasonic jewelry cleaners that are highly rated and best-selling ones on I wrote some brief introduction on hot features, advantages and features for each of these 10 jewelry cleaner machines. Ultimately,  these small guide can help buyers dismiss anything unclear and get correct entrance to buy these machines from a reliable source.

Branson Model B-200 Ultrasonic Cleaner, 120V

This is a small and inexpensive ultrasonic cleaner that has a 5-minute timer. You can use it for various other applications, such as small geological samples, small electronic and electrical components, instrument and clock parts, and metal and plastic machine parts.

The optical cleaner of this Branson B200 cleaner uses 55 KHz ultrasonic energy to clean items thoroughly. It includes a cover and basket. This product complies with CSA, CE, and FCC standards.

Some consumers even say that when you use this ultrasonic cleaner, you can clean to the way a jeweler does. Pieces of jewelry will come out looking shiny and brand new within 5-10 minutes. The machine is powerful enough to remove the toughest dirt from all the crevices.

Aside from the stated applications in the product description, it can also work well with removable dental appliances. While the B200 is more expensive than other machines in the market for the same purposes, it is done a lot better.

300W 6L 1.58 Gallon Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner w/Basket

This powerful ultrasonic cleaner has a huge 6-liter stainless steel tank and heater. It is great for metal, instruments, and tool cleaning, as well as commercial use. This machine has a full range timer of 1-30 minutes for ultrasonic cleaning. It also has five heating temperature settings that range from 40 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius.

The manufacturer of this Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner adopted certain industrial parts and expanded the usage range to allow the machine to work for a longer timeframe. In cleaning items, it uses the cavitation process, which is more effective and cleans faster.

It also has a digital program so that you can control the machine, based on the condition and quantity of items that you are going to clean. You are free to select different working cycles to make it easy to operate and improve cleaning efficiency.

The product includes a removable mesh tray to keep the transducers to be damaged. This tray also functions to position the item within the ideal cleaning area of the tank.

RCBS Ultrasonic Case Cleaner

This ultrasonic case cleaner comes complete with case prep tools and accessories. There is a sensor that indicates when you have to change the solution. RCBS takes pride that you can get reloading faster with this product.

It has a 3.2-quart/3-liter stainless steel tank that can hold a large volume of brass cases. The cleaner can quickly remove tarnish, metal oxides, and carbon build-up. You can use the display and keypad to choose among the five temperature settings. To match your cleaning requirements, you can also set the timer between 1 and 30 minutes.

iSonic P-4830 Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

This iSonic ultrasonic cleaner has a 3.2-quart tank that uses sound waves to enter into cavities and crevices to wash away dirt and other particles from an item. You can control the cleaning time by setting the timer for 1-30 minutes.

For varied applications, you can heat the solution to one of the five temperature settings. It has a three-color LED screen where you can see the solution timer, the timer countdown, and the temperature setting in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

This ultrasonic cleaning machine also has a degas function that removes dissolved air and bubbles from a freshly changed cleaning solution. With this, you can maximize the cleaning performance and finish in a shorter amount of time.

The internal fan of the unit keeps its electronic components cool. It also has an overheating protector that shuts the cleaner off for 30 minutes if it is at risk of overheating.

iSonic® Professional Grade UltrasonicCleaner P4820-WPB w/Heater and Digital Timer, Plastic Basket

This iSonic ultrasonic cleaner comes with a heater and a 2.6Q /2.5L tank. The digital timer has 5 pre-set time that ranges between 90 and 480 seconds (1 ½ to 8 minutes). The unit includes a full-size plastic basket.

You can use this machine to clean not just jewelry pieces, but also automotive parts, brass cases, optical glasses, etc. Compared to a plastic tray (included with other similar products), the plastic basket it much easier to use. You will also like how the basket fits in the machine.

Aside from the abovementioned applications, you can also use this machine to clean brass casings for reloading. Most consumers that use it for cleaning ammo brass say that it is economical and quick. It can wash away the contaminants all over the case. You can run the machine for a total of 10 minutes and the brass will be clean.

Kendal Industrial Grade 160W 2.5L Digital Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner

This Kendal ultrasonic cleaner has a large and lengthened tank. It can fit long dental tube and equipment. The tank capacity is 5.29 pints or 2.5 litters. The plastic housing has a better drop-proof and water-proof ability than metal.

It has a stronger transducer that makes the machine more powerful. This feature also provides great cleaning results.

The heater is reliable and safe with the temperature that is up to 65 degrees Celsius. After 45 minutes, the heater automatically turns off. This can greatly improve cleaning.

This product has a digital program with five working cycles. This makes the machine easy to use and increases cleaning efficiency. It can work in a longer time frame and even in a damp environment.

It has a circuit protector for a longer lifespan of the machine. The radiator fan protects every part to remain in good condition even after working for a long time.

iSonic P-4810 Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner, 110V, 2.1Qt/2L, for DIY Liposomal, Herb Extraction

The iSonic P4810 has a plastic basket and its tank capacity is 2.1 quarts or 2 liters. The tank is nearly square in footprint. It ensures equal ultrasonic energy all over the tank. This makes the product ideal for even mixing and cleaning. The jewelry cleaner machine comes with an industrial grade transducer that is twice more durable than wafer transducers used by several other manufacturers in their products.

It has a full-range timer of 1-30 minutes with quick set and reducing buttons for fine tuning. Some customers use this ultrasonic cleaner for dental applications as it is suitable for dentures and small instruments.

This has a degas function to remove the air bubble when you pour in fresh water. The cooling fan helps the machine to work longer. It is also quieter compared to most products from competitors.

The product has five international certifications, including GS or Geprufte Sicherheit (Tested Safety), which is a tough safety standard to guarantee the highest quality.

iSonic P-4800 Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner, white/gray color, 1.5Qt/1.4L, plastic basket, 110V

The iSonic P4800 has a stainless steel tank capacity of 1.5 quarts or 1.4 liters. The tank is refined for easy cleaning. This product also has a GS certification from Germany.

Perhaps the only downside of this product is that it is more expensive than other similar models. However, it is fairly easy to use and works really well. Some customers say that is has a solid built.

It can clean jewelry items, dental appliances, small parts, etc. If you are going to clean a dental appliance, you can purchase ultrasonic cleaning powder from iSonic for optimum cleaning. For pieces of jewelry like rings, you can use warm water and add in jewelry cleaner or dish soap.

There are others who also use this unit to make liposomal solutions. It is a great machine if you want to mix your own liposomal vitamin C or other liposomal solutions at home.

GemOro 1787 2.6-Qt. Professional Heated Ultrasonic Machine w/ Digital Timer

This attractive ultrasonic machine is manufactured from contoured durable ABS. It has a capacity of 2.6 quarts or 2.46 liters, which is ideal for most commercial jewelers.

Some of its important features include digital control timer, digital control heater, advanced digital control system or ADCS, detachable full-size stainless steel basket, dura-last transducers, and evaporation resistant cover.

The product has a one-year limited warranty. It is so easy to use because the instructions are quite simple.

GemOro 1790 Sparkle Spa Pro 750 ml Professional Ultrasonic Machine w/ 5 Cleaning Cycles & Black Digital Timer

This is a professional grade machine that has an auto shut off function. It can safely clean most jewelry items with just regular tap water and a cleaning solution. It has an auto-opening cover and a digital timer. The tank capacity is about 750 ml.

It uses powerful ultrasonic sound waves to scrub fine jewelry pieces. Many customers also find this product really attractive because of its modern design. It does not only clean jewelry items but also other objects like eyeglasses and electronic parts.


The goal of this review is to help you purchase a quality ultrasonic cleaner that can deal with your jewelry cleaning needs. Of course, some machines are more affordable than others. You need to carefully assess your budget and the kind of machine you need. This way, you can choose the best ultrasonic cleaner.

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