Best Professional Jewelry Cleaner Reviews in 2019

Professional jewelry cleaning is always the best way to both protect your jewelry from damage and also bring back its sparkling. Usually, people can take their luxurious jewelry to the local jewelers who can clean and polish your jewelries in more professional way. However, it may cost you much, especially if you clean jewelry on the regular base.

Some home used jewelry cleaners can not only clean your jewelry items professionally but also greatly save your expense. Additionally, you should learn how to choose the best jewelry cleaner, as some jewelries, like gemstone or pearl pieces of jewelry, should never be put in an ultrasonic cleaner. These powerful machines can shake off small gemstone beads and reduce gems value from vibration.

The following are some top rated of professional jewelry cleaners on and I wrote a brief review guide for each to help shoppers purchase their professional jewelry cleaning machine without much hassle.

GemOro 0377 UltraSpa Dual Ultrasonic and Steamer Jewelry Cleaner

This cleaner is our top pick if you are seeking professional cleaning solution. According to a seller, the GemOro’s 0377 UltraSpa is the world only cleaning machine that integrates both ultrasonic cleaner and steamer cleaning system.

With two cleaning system combined in a single appliance, the overall cleaning takes two steps, scrubbing the dirt and grime from the intense ultrasonic sound wave, then blasting away any hidden residue with the steaming jet.

The ultrasonic transducer generates 420,000 vibrating wave per second. It is powerful enough to shake off most of the grime on the surface or hole. The common tap water works well, no need any specific chemical solution unless you have extraordinary cleaning needs.

Professional cleaning requires more steps to give delicate care, from cleaning, polishing to steaming. GemOro 0377 UltraSpa dual cleaner combine ultrasonic cleaning with steaming jet system in a single appliance. It well solves the problem for professional treatment for valuable jewelry maintenance and cleaning.

Saeveck Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer

If professional jewelers look for a reliable cleaning solution for their client, this portable cleaning machine should be one of the candidates in the list.

This ultrasonic cleaner with digital timer is sold from Saeveck. It generates 42,000 Hz of the ultrasonic sound wave, very powerful yet gentle enough to shake off dirty grime for many small parts cleanings, like jewelry, watches, denture parts and some other small widgets. No need any specific chemical solution, but just tap water can give effective cleaning in just minutes.

The ultrasonic digital cleaner comes with a 600ml capacity cleaning tank, which is big enough for the various size of jewelry or any other parts cleaning.

If you are expecting a professional jewelry cleaner well under 50 dollars, this inexpensive machine is good you go. It can easily bring your valuables back to sparkling and shininess, but not cost you much time and effort.

Simple Shine NEW Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit

The ultrasonic cleaner is not suitable for gemstone, pearl or other find jewelry cleaning. The powerful ultra sonic sound wave generated in water might damage those valuable small gems or pearls beads.

This Simple Shine’s travel sized portable cleaning kit is a perfect solution for your small gems and fine jewelry cleaning. This cleaning kit can offer comprehensive and professional cleaning solution for gold, platinum, sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium, diamonds, cubic zirconia, pearls, soft gemstone, enamel, treated gemstones and more. The kit comes with a chemical cleaner, polishing cloth and brush.

The Simple Shine’s cleaner is in high quality and uses absolutely toxic and ammonia free ingredient. Users have no worry about skin allergy.

This jewelry cleaning kit is sold as cheap as under 30 dollars on It is really an economic yet efficient solution for most of valuable fine jewelry cleaning needs.

iSonic® Professional Grade Ultrasonic Cleaner P4820-WPT

This iSonic ultrasonic cleaner can give professional grade cleaning, as this powerful cleaner comes with heater and digital controls.

The iSonic professional cleaner features a five circle of a digital timer to suit the different cleaning needs. It is powered with 110V and 160W. The integrated heater can deliver more comprehensive and professional cleaning effect, which differs itself from many other competitors.

The model P4820-WPT from iSonic comes with a plastic cleaning tray and can professionally clean many small items, including jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, automotive parts and many other small widgets.

GemOro 1787 Professional Heated Ultrasonic Machine with Digital Timer

It is another powerful ultrasonic machine from GemOro family. The model GemOro 1787 features a large capacity of 2460ml, 42,000 ultrasonic sound wave per second generated, plus digital timer and heater for advanced cleaning task.

The GemOro 1787 is constructed with very durable, all black ABS. Along with dura-last transducers and digital heater, this GemOro ultrasonic cleaner can give comprehensive cleaning on rings, necklace, bracelets, watches, eyeglasses and dental instruments etc.

To consider its low cost, this professional heated ultrasonic machine is really ideal cleaning solution for both shop jewelers and home users.

If you would like any professional cleaning job done, I highly recommend an ultrasonic cleaner with heater feature. If a large capacity ultrasonic cleaner with digital timer and heater features is priced under 150 dollars, it is really a big deal and you just go grab it.


Professional jewelry cleaning requires more steps, not just cleaning, but polishing, heating to dry and steaming to gain its sparkling back as new. Usually, the local shop jewelers have a large and professional cleaner to efficiently clean more jewelry pieces all at once. However, you might not feel very convenient, especially if you are far from local jewelers or spend too much for regular care. A reliable home used jewelry cleaner is what you are expecting to solve such situation. Hopefully, this brief guide can help shoppers save much hassle.

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