How to Care for Handmade Jewelry

Making sure that your jewelry is cared for properly is very important. If you want it to last and it’s even more important when it comes to caring for handmade jewelry as it can be a lot more delicate. You might be interested in these jewelry cleaners guide.

Here are some important tips to help keep your jewelry in a good condition:

One of the main things to remember is to store your jewelry either laying down flat or hanging up straight to prevent any kinks from spoiling it. Try to keep your jewelry out of direct sunlight as it may start to fade any stones over time.

Try to keep your jewelry out of direct sunlight as it may start to fade any stones over time.

Sterling silver and gold jewelry are known to tarnish with age. Storing it in an airtight container can stop this happening to your jewelry. Tarnishing isn’t a problem with alpaca silver though.

The best way to take care of your alpaca jewelry is to wash with warm water and a hint of lemon. You can even use mild soap, like your washing up liquid or shampoo, then dry it with a soft cloth. Once washed, it will look like sparkling new again. Please do not use silver dipping liquids, as they will harm your jewelry.

Repeated exposure to the chemicals in products used, such as perfume or hairspray, can cause your jewelry to start to look dull and old. The best thing to do in order to stop this from happening is to put your handmade jewelry on after you have applied the products.

For some jewelry, the liquid cleaning solution is not safe and may damage any stones in your jewelry. In order to clean your jewelry, simply run a soft cloth over the stones or for more intricate jewelry, try using a soft toothbrush and water to clean with. For silver pieces, a silver cleaning cloth will help jewelry keep its shine. It’s important to look after your jewelry so it can stand the test of time. It’s especially important that you look after any handmade jewelry you may have as these are one-off pieces. You won’t be able to get the exact pieces again.

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